The Mighty TBR Pile

The glorious and harrowing world of having so many books!

Half the fun of being a reader is carrying a MASSIVE TBR pile like Atlas carrying the world. Here is my current TBR pile. In an effort of full transparency this is not necessarily the order in which the books will be read, just the pile of reads that I am interested in pulling from. This list is as much for me to keep tabs on what’s caught my interest as it is for you, my friends, to know what I am and will be subjecting my eyeballs to in the coming year. These include review copy requests that I am accepting as well as personal choices of desired reads. When a book hits both marks, all the better. The list will be updated on the regular as I finish titles, add titles, rearrange and possibly drop titles.

Note that this list isn’t law, and is subject to change, as it is definitely not a concrete lineup. Time is fleeting and in short supply this year so I won’t be able nor will I be willing to quote any sort of timeframe on a particular read, sincerest apologies for that, but life is chaos at the moment.

That being said, ARC requests that are time sensitive will more than likely be respectfully declined. I’m taking a leisurely “me year” in order to keep my head in the game and get reacquainted with my love of reading. I am a spastic reader and I imagine that my TBR pile will follow suit, know that I will try my hardest to live my best book nerd life.

Current Read(s):

Pop The Clutch Ed. by Eric J. Guignard, Dark Moon Books 356 pages available now

[Redacted] by [Redacted], 400 pages

Next Up (no particular order)

The Faithful by Matt Hayward, Sinister Grin Press, 269 pages available now

The Bedding of Boys by Edward Lorn, Lornagraphic Material, 246 pages available now

Quizzleboon by John Oliver Hodges, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, 398 pages available now

Cannibal Nuns from Outer Space by Duncan P. Bradshaw, 324 pages from EyeCue Productioins

In the Valley of the Sun by Andy Davidson, Skyhorse 384 pages

The Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters, Crooked Lane Books, 328 pages

The Hungry Moon by Ramsey Campbell, Flame Tree Press 368 pages available now

Ghost Mine by Hunter Shea, Flame Tree Press 288 pages available May 9th

Future Reads (again, no particular order):

ARC Submissions

Born in Blood volume 1 by Daniel Lea, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing 305 pages available now

Suspended in Dusk II edited by Simon Dewar, Grey Matter Press, 282 pages, available now

The House that Jack Built by Dale Robertson, 125 pages available now

Savage Species by Jonathan Janz, Flame Tree Press available now

The Nightmare Girl by Jonathan Janz, Flame Tree Press 256 pages available now

The Playing Card Killer by Russell James, Flame Tree Press 288 pages available now

Paradise, Maine by Jackson R. Thomas 155 pages available now

Wolf Land by Jonathan Janz, Flame Tree Press 314 pages available now

The Hungry Moon by Ramsey Campbell, Flame Tree Press 368 pages available now

Ghost Mine by Hunter Shea, Flame Tree Press 288 pages available May 9th

House of Skin by Jonathan Janz, Flame Tree Press 304 pages available May 9th

Dust Devils by Jonathan Janz, Flame Tree Press 304 pages available June 13th

The Devil’s Equinox by John Everson, Flame Tree Press 256 pages available June 13th

Netherkind by Greg Chapman, 240 pages available May 6th

Grey Skies by William Becker, 309 pages available June 9th

The Meyerstown Secret by Howard Carlyle 111 pages available now

Palace of Ghosts by Thomas S Flowers 210 pages available now

In Darkness, Delight Ed. Evans Light, Corpus Press 300 pages available May 6th

Antarctic Ice Beasts by Hunter Shea, Severed Press 155 pages available now

That Which Grows Wild by Eric J Guignard, Harper Day Books 296 pages available now

A Living Grave by Robert E Dunn, Lyrical Underground 268 pages

Impossible James by Danger Slater, Fungasm Press 224 pages

We Are the Accused by Lucas Magnum, Sinister Grin Press 174 pages

Reader’s Choice Selections:

The Last Final Girl by Stephen Graham Jones, Lazy Fascist Press 216 pages

Night Shoot by David Sodergren, paperbacks and Pugs 224 pages

In The River by Jeremy Robert Johnson, Lazy Fascist Press 140

The Cormorant by Stephen Gregory, Valancourt Books 132 pages

The Bone Weaver’s Orchard by Sarah Read, Trepidatio Pub 194 pages

After The People Loghts Have Gone Off by Stephen Graham Jones, Dark House Press 326 pages

At The Mercy of Beasts by Ed Kurtz, Journalstone 214 pages

Our Lady of the Inferno by Preston Fassel, Cinestate 376 pages

Headcheese by Jessica Hagemann, Cinestate 464 pages

The Fearing by John F.D. Taff, Grey Matter Press available June

Kill Hill Carnage by Tim Meyer, Sinister Grin Press, 286 pages available now

Think Yourself Lucky by Ramsey Campbell, Flame Tree Press 256 pages, available now

Kill Creek by Scott Thomas, Ink Shares 432 pages

Bearskin by James A McLaughlin, Ecco 352 pages

Rabid Heart by Jeremy Waggoner, Riverdale Avenue Books 258 pages

Let There be Dark by Tim McWhorter, Hydra Publications, 170 pages available now

Darkest Hours by Mike Thorn, Unnerving, 254 pages available now

Toroa by Erik Hofstatter, Sinister Grin Press, 240 pages available now

Something Borrowed Something Blood-Soaked by Christa Carmen, Unnerving, 188 pages available now

Hellsworld Hotel by Matt Vaughn, 136 pages

Dog Days O’ Summer by James Newman & Mark Alan Gunnells, Unnerving, 200 pages

White Knight and Other Pawns by Bracken MacLeod, 186 pages

The Immaculate Void by Brian Hodge, ChiZine 232 pages

I Am Not Your Final Girl by Claire C Holland, Glass Poet Press 93 pages

Blood Standard by Laid Barron

Garden of Eldrich Delights

Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon

Zero Saints by Gabino Iglesias

The Floating Staircase by Ronald Malfi

Duma Key by Stephen King

The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste

Cockblock by C.V. Hunt

The Sea Dreams It Is the Sky

The Way We Came In by Kelby Losack

Black Gum by J David Osborne

Heathenish by Kelby Losack

The Window by Glenn Rolfe

A Minor Storm by J David Osborne

The Snake Handler by Cody Goodfellow & J David Osborne

Limbs by Tim Meyer

Lords of the Deep by Tim Meyer and Patrick Lacey

Black Star Constellations by Tim Meyer

Practitioners by Patrick Lacey & Matt Hayward

The Worst is Yet to Come

Break in the Bodies, Harvest the Bones


We Live Inside You by Kealan Patrick Burke

Skidding Into Oblivion by Brian Hodge, ChiZine 350 pages

The Lady from the Black Lagoon Mallory O’Mera

Hares in the Hedgerow by Jessica McHugh

Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson

Growing Things and Other Stories

They Kill by Tim Waggoner, Flame Tree Press 240 pages available July 11th

Castle of Sorrows by Jonathan Janz, Flame Tree Press 288 pages available July 11th

The Darkest Lullaby by Jonathan Janz, Flame Tree Press 304 available Aug 8th

Slash by Hunter Shea, Flame Tree Press 288 pages available Oct 10th