A Few of My Favorite Things (Yo-yos)

“Scary Books, Cheap Whiskey, Smooth Yo-yos and all things horror”

More books & yo-yos, much less whiskey than I let on… (shush, don’t tell anyone). Here is a running list of Publishers, Writers, Artists, and Manufacturers/ Designers who are bringing the heat, challenging the status quo, and pushing boundaries. These are the people creating the things I love, the things that make me tick, the things that make my free time pass enjoyably and all too quickly.  Consider everyone on this list respected, recommended, and supported. Wholeheartedly.

This will be a running list, so check back periodically.

YoYo WorkShop

“Yo-yo’s shouldn’t be boring or conventional – they should be unique and fun. A story is behind each product we make, and with each YoYo WorkShop product we produce….we ensure they are: ‘Engineered for FUN'”

One Drop Design

“We design and build the world’s finest yo-yos in our workshop in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

That’s right. In a world full of outsourcing, we are 100% committed our maker roots. It is no doubt the more challenging way to go and for sure a path less traveled. We have made nothing but yo-yos for the last 12 years and proudly released over 45 models. We are intimately connected with every step of building yo-yos and are ever refining our knowledge, skills and processes. Our workshop is specifically designed and tooled for the single purpose of making yo-yos. Every single yo-yo is hand assembled and hand tested. We combine a deep technical know-how with a Team of professional players who provide insight and guidance on the more subtle subjective side of how a yo-yo feels in play.

We are craftsmen and yo-yoers who put our heart and soul into what we do. We appreciate being part of this amazing community and are thankful every day for the support.”


“CLYW is a premium return top company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Started by retired mechanical engineer Chris Mikulin in 2004, CLYW combines art, craft, and technology to create some of the best performing return tops in the world. Our award-winning team of return top players win contests from Canada to Japan, and are considered some of the best in the world.

CLYW is managed by owner Chris Mikulin and Marketing Manager Steve Brown. Together they work daily on creating playable art for discerning return top players, and contributing to the future of the return top industry worldwide.”