Zakk reviews The Switch House by Tim Meyer

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Zakk reviews The Switch House by Tim Meyer, 186 pages published by Evil Epoch Press, July 26, 2018.

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Paperback copy provided by the author for review consideration.

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5/ 5


CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve won a role on LET’S SWITCH HOUSES! Your life is going to change. We promise. Your dreams will come true. Everything you’ve ever wanted, we have it. This is a chance of a lifetime. Come inside. Switch with us.


Something funny happened while reading The Switch House. I thought I was cruising along nicely in a fun-horror type of universe, like Drag Me to Hell. Things were dark but upbeat, horror with a wee bit of a smile. At least that’s what I was getting from the narrative. But then a switch flipped for me. Pretty suddenly.

The Devil-may-care attitude I was picking up (inventing?) through the first half of the narrative about-faced and became a tone of straight up, black eyed menace. Malevolence of the purest kind. And it kind of caught me off guard, considering I thought I had the book pegged. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love fun horror (**fun, not slapstick, I hate slapstick anything), but I simply adore menacing horror. So this perceived flip upped my entertainment level exponentially.

So, yes. I dug The Switch House. I dug The switch House a lot. Hands down my favorite Tim Meyer joint to date. Great cast, solid scares, and an unpredictable nature make this a highly recommended read and a strong contender for my personal year-end best-of list.

Note: your results may very, of course, but I think you’ll dig it too.


Friends, read this.

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**Note: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and/ or publisher and I am choosing to review it voluntarily. These are my honest, unbiased feelings. I did not receive any sort of compensation. Also note that this was read as part of the selection process for the Indie Horror Book Awards but this review itself is not part of the IHBA.

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  1. I bought this book for a Horror Aficionados group read on Goodreads and then it just got buried under review commitments. I’m glad you enjoyed it and will have to add to this years must read list.


    1. Zakk at TEOM says:

      I think you’ll dig it, friend. And I know how that TBR pile can become a black hole sometimes.


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