Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: THE WINDOW, a guest post by Glenn Rolfe

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Today I have the pleasure of being joined by Glenn Rolfe, an writer who has been entertaining me for a few years now, since his first release The Haunted Halls. With the release of his latest, The Window, Glenn shares a part of his process, his ritual. Some writers pop a bottle of champagne after completing a manuscript, others compile a playlist.

Glenn, the mic is yours.

Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: THE WINDOW

One of my favorite things to do after finishing a novel is to put together the soundtrack. I have a nice little pile of these babies in my “playlists” on my Kindle. Music always plays a huge part in my storytelling, I use it to help set the mood and tone of certain scenes, and to help give you a little insight to a character. It’s something that pulls me into movies and is such an impactful way to add to any given moment, so I‘ve always written with a melody or riff in mind when working the pacing of a scene. I try to include songs that I listened to during my writing process that help to bring me back to a certain feeling or time in my own life. 

THE WINDOW takes place in the summer, so I made sure to have some of my summer jams from the past playing while I worked. Songs like “Paradise City” from GN’R which was all over the radio in the summer 1988, right when I was eleven or so. A bit younger than the kids in my story, but it just needed to bring me back. Sometimes it’s the lyrics, sometimes it’s the sound, other times, like with the Guns song, it’s just a method to get into the headspace of my characters.

A few insights:

I use a quote from the Simon & Garfunkel classic, “The Sound of Silence”, in the front of the book. Such a haunting tune. “…The vision that was planted in my brain still remains”

I also included a brand-new Alkaline Trio song called, “Is This Thing Cursed?” I read an interview with Dan (bass/vocals) who said the song was really about his body and mind. He talked at length about depression and I couldn’t help but feel his pain.  

Fleetwood Mac wound up a pretty important part for “Carrie”. After some sound advice from my editor, I knew I had to breath more life into her. She really is a special part of the story.  What better voice for a young woman dealing with heavy issues in her day-today life than Stevie Nicks?

I also tried  to grab songs that I thought would have clicked with my characters and hit them just right in their highs or lows. Like “Boom Clap” by Charli XCX for young James and Carrie as they’re falling into that first love. Or something dark like AC/DC’s primal, seuxually-charged “Love Hungry Man” for our man possessed, Richie.

And you can’t have a horror movie soundtrack without a Diosong, and what better track to close with for THE WINDOW than “Faces in the Window?”

Anyways, it was a lot of fun writing this book, this post, and putting this soundtrack together. 

Check out the book and seek out these tracks if you feel inclined to do so. 

Let’s spin that soundtrack:  THE WINDOW:

The Sound of Silence- Simon & Garfunkel

Is This Thing Cursed?- Alkaline Trio

Love Hungry Man- Ac/Dc

Heat Wave- Martha and the Vandellas

Rockaway Beach- Ramones

Paradise City- Guns N’ Roses

Boom Clap by Charli XCX

Heaven is a Place on Earth- MXPX

Landslide- Fleetwood Mac

Love the Way You Lie- Eminem

All in the Suit That You Wear- Stone Temple Pilots

The Price You Pay- Bruce Springsteen

Gold Dust Woman-Hole

Faces in the Window – Dio

-Glenn Rolfe

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