Zakk reviews Harbinger part 1: Deliver Us To Evil by Duncan Ralston

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Zakk reviews Harbinger part 1: Deliver us to Evil by Duncan Ralston, 90 pages published by Shadow Work Publishing, April 7th, 2017.

“Fingers scrabbling at his tie, Marcus Mills turned to his copilot, mouth opening in a voiceless plea. 

The overpowering stench of burning flesh struck his nostrils. The woman in the copilot’s seat was on fire, but it wasn’t First Officer Smyth. It was Felicia, and in some surreal, cruel twist of the knife, Felicia wore her wedding dress. 

‘You killed us, Marcus,’ his ex-wife croaked, breathing fire, her limbs charred, white lace in blackened tatters. Flaming strands of hair floated, crackling around her pustulating scalp like Chinese lanterns. ‘You killed us all…'”


There are only two caveats: don’t fly, and never, ever open the briefcases.

In the days leading up to the presidential election, a down-on-his-luck alcoholic is recruited by a wealthy businessman to deliver briefcases across America.

Desperate to win back the affections of his estranged daughter, Marcus Mills takes on the job and meets a bizarre and dangerous assortment of crooked politicians, corrupt cops, human-sacrificing cultists, an insane pastor, a pot-growing militia, Kek-worshiping nihilists, and various resistance leaders.

Very quickly Marcus sees dark forces operating in this world far beyond the evil we face every day, barely hidden from reality. As the world around him becomes progressively more insane, Marcus realizes everything is linked to the deliveries he’s making—and it may just be too late to turn back.

Nothing another drink won’t cure.

Deliver Us to Evil is Part 1 of a three-part serial novel.

“That’s an understatement. He’s got these people fighting with each other over who his biggest supporter is. Of course, half of them are being paid, but that’s the power of groupthink. Someone starts chanting, someone else sees it… it’s like that old telephone ad, ‘She calls one friend, and he calls a friend, and she calls a friend,’ and suddenly everyone’s cheering and no one remembers it’s all a fucking pageant.”


A satirical look at the most recent presidential debacle or an insider’s truth behind the scenes, only time will tell. It could really fall on either side of the fence. All I can say is that Harbinger part 1 is pretty damned entertaining. 

Duncan Ralston never fails to put out enjoyable reads, and he is deft enough to hit on all points to satisfy readers, at least this reader. Compelling and grounded characters, solid dialogue, tense moments of that which we all love, the Horror. All preasant and accounted for. 

The same holds true for Harbinger part 1, the opening verse in a serial novel, although this time around events are popping off in a random manner as the narrative branches in numerous directions with the common factor being the main character Marcus, a take-no-shit man of the streets. Things get weird, not quite bizarro weird, but close, as Marcus get drawn in to a currier job for powerful people, set against the backdrop of an insane presidential race that hits a little to close to home. 

I’m definitely curious to see where we are taken in part 2.


Definitely give it a look see. It’s a fun and quick read that threatens to be a great time as this story unfolds.

And If I had to give it a number

I’d say it’s a solid 4/ 5

Zakk is a big dumb animal!

**Note: I read Harbinger part 1, Deliver us to Evil by way of a pain Kindle Unlimited subscription and I am reviewing it voluntarily. These are my honest, unbiased feelings. I did not receive any sort of compensation.



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