Zakk reviews The Nightly Disease by Max Booth III

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Zakk reviews The Nightly Disease by Max Booth III, an 8 hour shift that feels like a lifetime (or, 272 pages) published by Dark Fuse Press, October 2016.


Sleep is just a myth created by mattress salesmen.

Isaac, a night auditor of a hotel somewhere in the surreal void of Texas, is sick and tired of his guests. When he clocks in at night, he’s hoping for a nice, quiet eight hours of Netflix-bingeing and occasional masturbation. What he doesn’t want to do is fetch anybody extra towels or dive face-first into somebody’s clogged toilet. And he sure as hell doesn’t want to get involved in some trippy owl conspiracy or dispose of any dead bodies. But hey…that’s life in the hotel business.

Welcome to The Nightly Disease. Please enjoy your stay.

First Thoughts (judging the book by it’s cover)

My brief experience reading Max Booth III tells me that going into a Booth III read with any sort of pre-conceived notion or expectation is silly, and sets you up for a lifetime of ridicule. A Booth III read can go any number of directions at any given time, sometimes multiple directions at once. Like a menage-a-whatever, you get nothing less than half-again what you want and twice more than what you deserve, or can handle for that matter.

And what this cover tells me is that I am right in thinking that this book can, and will, go anywhere. Owls, man. Crazy.

Final Impressions (judging the book by it’s content)

I managed to keep up with this book in it’s original from of release, that being serialized over the 31 days of October. Hitting most chapters at around midnight while at work, it seemed fitting given the subject matter, that of a less than spectacular man working the night shift. Replace a hotel environment with a big-box retail hardware store and it feels like part of my story. A lot of what Issac experiences rings true and I can relate to quite a bit of it.

I’ve never caught a customer making shoes in my store, but I have seen an unsavory person chewing their lips open mid conversation. Overdoses in the bathroom, check. Fights, ditto. Used adult diapers stashed behind product, human & animal feces smeared on the bathroom walls, flashing genitalia, death threats, chemical spills, tampons & condoms on the floor, intercourse. Yep, yep, yep, yep and yep. I’d say working the night or overnight shift is a whole new world but I really think that our world is a whole new world. We are devolving into a permanent late-shift mentality. Savage and beastly. The night shift experience is the new black and the new black fucking sucks.

The serial nature of The Nightly Disease’s release made the read super easy to connect with. The characters are immensely entertaining and the situations are outrageous. Issac’s descent into lucid madness is an experience to behold. The social commentary on human interaction is sharp enough to split hairs and pretty spot-on accurate. Sixty percent of the time people are shitty to each other all the time, especially when they have you in a position of having to serve they. People will try to strangle you with the slight bit of power they think they have over you. Every time.

The Nightly Disease is like a bible, maybe more accurately a field guide on the dangers of customer service. There aren’t any surprise twists but unforeseen turns are everywhere bringing a potent energy to the book. It made me feel very unbalanced which made for a very fun reading experience.

Read The Nightly Disease, and anything else you can from Max Booth III. They are reads unlike any other.

Recommendation/ Overall Score

Makes you feel like you’ve been on an owl licking bender. 5/ 5

Zakk is a big dumb animal!

**Note: I read this book via a paid premium monthly subscription to Dark Fuse Magazine, which is something you need in your life, psst, click the link.


Max Booth III is the author of three novels: Toxicity, The Mind is a Razorblade,and How to Successfully Kidnap Strangers. He is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. He’s currently a columnist for LitReactor and Slush Pile Heroes. He has studied under Craig Clevenger and award winning editor, Jennifer Brozek.

Max was born in Northern Indiana. He has worked as a cashier, stockboy, copy editor, and hotel night auditor. He currently lives in San Antonio and is represented by his agent/dachshund, Jack. Follow him on Twitter @GiveMeYourTeeth for random drunken ramblings.

Contact him at

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  1. Yeah. Loved this one as well. 5/5 for me too, great book!


    1. Zakk at TEOM says:

      Right on. Have you read anything else from Booth?


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