Zakk reviews Beyond Where The Sky Ends – Tales To Disturb And Engage by D.S. Ullery

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Zakk reviews “Beyond Where the Sky Ends” by D.S. Ullery. 177 pages published by Create Space Publishing (D.S. Ullery).

“Today they were ghosts given new life, risen from the charred remnants of an existence since turned to ash.”


A sadistic high school bully seeking revenge against the anonymous individual who humiliated him online gets much more than he bargained for when he discovers the horrifying secret behind the screen-name BG Gruff.

A betrayal sends a professional clown down the path into madness, with horrifying consequences.

Beyond Where the Sky Ends is a collection of fifteen dark tales to delight and disturb horror fans of all stripes, spun from the bizarre imagination of author D.S. Ullery.

“The first rule of showmanship is to never let your personal life prevent a performance. The second rule of showmanship is just as important: Always make them remember you.”

I’ve been waiting for this read to drop since my first reading experience with D.S. Ullery’s work. It was well worth the wait. 15 tales of unnerving, pure classic horror. A mix of pieces I was familiar with and some new to me. Over heard rumor that this collection has about due to a lot of these pieces not getting picked up for publication, something I really don’t understand.

Beyond Where the Sky Ends had me giddy, from page one, to be reading stories from an author that understands completely the first rule of Horror. Horror is a mood before it’s anything else. An underlying nerve to be tapped before the dressings are applied. And every story here is oozing with atmosphere first and foremost, then it delivers on the substance. A lot of today’s writers hit one or the other consistently, or perhaps jump back and fourth. But few are tapping both at the same time. These are cinematic quality reads, or more appropriately anthology series reads. Less Tales From the Crypt, more Twilight Zone/ Night Gallery/ Tales from the Darkside.

It was nice reacquainting with the handful of stories that I’ve already experienced. Three of those hitting me on an emotional/ fanatic level, the title cut Beyond Where The Sky Ends, The First Rule Of Showmanship & The New Meat, still pack a hell of a punch. Just as wonderful as the first time. Of the new-to-me reads, The Clearing, Gore, The Haunted Air & The Rise really caught my attention and pulled me into the narrative.

Beyond Where the Sky Ends a hell of a read, hitting on many different levels and I truly hope it finds its audience.

“However, his mistress had also shown him another way, an exit capable of both releasing his mother from the grip of her demons and unburdening him of the horrific responsibility she had unknowingly placed upon his malformed shoulders. It would require Elias to be patient, to wait until the ninth month before he could act.”

Overall score: 5/ 5

Zakk is a big dumb animal!

**Note: I received a review copy of this book from the author on the promise of an honest review. These are my unbiased feelings.

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  1. dsullery says:

    Wow…I’m absolutely honored! Thank you for the generous appraisal Zachary. I’m glad you were so entertained by the stories. I know my work can skew to the dark side at times – this isn’t light, feel good storytelling by any stretch – so it really means something when I learn a reader found it so effective. I appreciate that.


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