Help ZDubbz spend money!

Hey Mouthskateerz, I received a rather generous Barnes & Noble gift card from my Secret Santa and now I need to spend it. I need some ideas on what books to pick up. If you are a genre fan and have spent any time in a Barnes & Noble store you know that B&N isn’t the best at stocking horror the titles you’re (and I) are looking for. So I’ll have no choice but to order something. 

Give me some ideas, tell me what has blown you away, tapped into one of your primal fears, or simply moved you. I’ll pick at least one, maybe two titles at random to order, possibly in store with an in-store selfie.

**Stipulations: I’d prefer something in or sharing traits with the horror genre (It’s my bread and butter). It has to be a title available at B&N (obviously), I’d also like to keep the price tag at or around $15 (so that I can pick a couple). If you’re a writer, I’d like you to suggest someone’s book other than your own. 😉 I know I’m a jerk, (Suggesting a friend’s book and get someone to suggest your’s, that’s fair game.) And lastly I may pull titles from contention that I have already read via eBook.

Tell me which books that have struck a cord with you, kept you up late, or simply rattled arround your brain pan for a period of time.
Nex week I’ll let you know what I pick.

ZDubbz at The Mouths of Madness Podcast.


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