Rocky’s highs-middles-lows of 2015


Most of the last couple months of 2015 have been a blur. I can’t find the list of everything we watched in 2015, so I did my best to remember and also added some that weren’t on the show. I’ll be doing my best to welcome in TMOM 2.016, but here’s my list for 2015 in no particular order.

The Top of 2015

*The Final Girls- Last Action Hero meets 80’s slasher films. Yeah, I’m fine with that.

*Krampus- This movie started with terrible jokes that really had me worried that it was going to be a David Koechner schlock-fest. The the darkness set in and stayed for the duration of the movie.

*Goosebumps- Was this a kids’ movie? Who cares?! It had all the fun and nostalgia of Goosebumps wrapped up in a shiny package and Jack Black was great!

*We Are Still Here- Do you like 80’s slow burn horror movies? Me too!

*The Voices- If you take out the last 1:30 of this movie, you’re dealing with a 5 star contender. So fun and deals with mental instability in the most fun way.

*Digging Up the Marrow- Think you’re a horror fan? Watch this and think again.

The Middles of 2015

All of these movies had great qualities that were evened out by not so great qualities. If you mashed any 2 of them together you’d have a GREAT movie, but as stand alone films, they all demand at least 1 watch each.

*Blood Sucking Bastards
*Burying the Ex
*The Visit
*Boyscouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

The Bottom of 2015

These were all over-hyped, boring, bland, unnecessary, and just really big let downs to me. It’s funny because a lot of these movies were praised and I just don’t see it. I wish I was friends with all of the makers of these movies so I can look at it from the viewpoint like it’s your friends band. You see the heart and passion they put into it, so you’ll look past the fact that it’s really terrible.

*The Gallows
*Green Inferno
*Crimson Peak
*Sinister 2
*It Follows
*The Lazarus Effect

– Rocky Magsam

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great list. Crimson Peak also made my so-so list. I thought Green Inferno was fantastic, it may had more to do with the build up of actually watching the movie, then watching the movie in itself. The Lazarus Effect was such a blunder of a movie.


    1. m0uthskateer says:

      I really need to watch more movies this year, sheesh. 🙂


  2. Hunter Shea says:

    I won’t hold your dissing of It Follows against you! LOL


    1. m0uthskateer says:

      Haha! I’ll let him know.


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