The Mouths of Madness Podcastshow’s comprehensive 2015 best-of books!


Hey kids, ZDubbz here, wrapping up things for the end of the year. I had a pretty solid 2015 when it comes to reading and I wanted to share the reads that moved me, in some form or fashion, a 2015 mixtape if you will. These are the books that haunted me, bought the feels and simply made me excited to be a reader. Placing your lovelies is a hard job.

**NOTE: I know that some of these are lacking proper reviews, I’ll take care of that as soon as possible.

Best Stand-alone Novels/ Novellas

#10 a three way tie! (And yes, I know that this is just a clever trick to squeeze in a few extra deserving titles. But these ARE all deserving titles and you could do worse than to pick any one of these up.

 Carus and Mitch by Tim Major from Omnium Gatherum

Sour Candy by Kealan Patrick Burke

Dirge by Tim Marquitz from Permuted Press

#9. Seeing Evil by Jason Parent from Red Adept Publishing

#8. Turning Face by Terry M West from Pleasant Storm Entertainment

#7. Hashtag by Eryk Pruitt from 280 Steps

#6. Darkness Rising by Brian Morland from Samhain Horror

#5. Little Girls by Ronald Malfi from Kensington

#4. Island of the Forbidden by Hunter Shea from Samhain Horror **NOTE: Full disclosure, I finished this book in the last couple of days in 2014, but it release day was Jan 6th, 2015 and it needs to be here.

#3. Little Dead Red by Mercedes M. Yardley from Crystal Lake Publishing
#2 Gets Rolfed!

Blood and Rain by Glenn Rolfe 

& Boom Town by Glenn Rolfe, both from Samhain Horror

#1. Protection by Kyle M. Scott

Best Short Story/ Novella Collections


#6. Sweat and Blood by Duncan Ralston from Shadow Work Publishing

#5. Through a Mirror, Darkly by Kevin Lucia from Cyrstal Lake Publishing

#4. Whispers vol. 1 by Stuart Keane

#3. Die Dog or Eat the Hatchet from Adam Howe from Comet Press

#2. Suicide the Hard Way and Other Tales From the Innerzone by Christopher Alan Broadstone from Black CAB Productions

#1. Ugly Little Things vol.1 + House of Nettle and Thorn (ULT6) by Todd Keisling from Precipice Books

Honorable Mentions (another clever way to sneak in a few more memorable titles that I’m sure you’ll see scattered around on other’s best-of lists)

*Ciné by Stuart Keane


*Mercy House by Adam Cesare from Hydra

*Tortures of the Damned by Hunter Shea from Pinnacle

*Salvage by Duncan Ralston from Forsaken

*A Coin for Charon by Dallas Mullican from Winlock Press

*We Are Monsters by Brian Kirk from Samhain Horror

*Wolf Land by Jonathan Janz from Samhain Horror

Honorable Misses (Wait, No! It’s not like that! These are books that I desperately wanted to read but just didn’t get them squeezed into the schedule. Sometimes being a reviewer means the books you buy have to play second fiddle to the books offered up for review. These will all be tackled in 2016, as soon as possible.)

*A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay from William Morrow

*All or Nothing


* & Whispers vol. 2 by Stuart Keane

*Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker from St. Martin’s Press

*Finders Keepers by Stephen King from Scribner

*Experimental Film by Gemma Files from ChiZine

*Sing Me Your Scars by Damien Angelica Walters from Apex Publications

*Consumed vol. 2 from Kyle M. Scott

Best First-Time Reads of Older Books.

An online bud said that a 2015 best-of list should contain only books released in said year. He makes a valid point. Even though last year’s list was a mix, I’ve decided to separate and do things properly. Older books knocked my socks off again this year as well and should get a nod, so here’s that nod.

5. Tribesmen by Adam Cesare from Deadite Press

4. Soundtrack to the End of the World by Anthony J. Rapino from Crossroads Press/ Bad Moon Books

3. The Liminal Man by Todd Keisling from Precipice Books

2. Ugly as Sin by James Newman from Shock Totem Publications

1. Nameless: the Darkness Comes The Bone Angle Trilogy book 1 from Mercedes M. Yardley

**NOTE: While this was recently rereleased from Crystal Lake Publications it was originally released in 2015 from Ragnarok Publications

Top Anticipated Reads of 2016 (in no particular order)

*Eidolon Ave by Jonathan Winn from Crystal Lake Publications

*Things We Fear/ Where Nightmares Begin by Glenn Rolfe from Samhain Horror

*Night Things by Terry M. West from Pleasant Storm Entertainment

*The Bone Angel Trilogy books 2 & 3 by Mercedes M. Yardley from Crystal Lake Publications

*They Rise by Hunter Shea from Severed Press

*Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea from Pinnacle

*Paper Tigers by Damien Angelica Walters from Dark House Press

*The Night Parade by Ronald Malfi from Kinsington

*The Dark Age by Dallas Mullican from Winlock Press

So, that’s that. Cheers to you friends, Mouthskateerz. May you have a safe and wonderful New Years, I’ll be in touch. I hope you will as well.

Oh, and stay tuned for the return of The Mouths of Madness Podcastshow!

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  1. grolfe says:

    Honored to snag a spot here, man. Thanks for making time for all my works. Your support is greatly appreciated.


    1. m0uthskateer says:

      It’s been my pleasure. I’ll get back to the demos soon.


  2. You amaze me. I also want to swipe every book up there. Thank you for the mention!


  3. Fantastic list, Z! I’m encouraged by the size of your reading list to read more myself. May have to check out some of these listed books.


    1. m0uthskateer says:

      Thanks my man, I hope you find something in here you like.


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