“What’s THIS One About?”

Adam Cesare talking about covers and his new special edition release.


I like the covers for my books.

There are some I like more than others but I do have positive feelings about all of them. I know a lot of authors aren’t able to say the same thing, so I consider myself very lucky.

When people come up to my table at cons and compliment me on the covers, I think they think I have a lot more to do with the process than actually I do.

For example, with the books where I’ve worked with Samhain Publishing, they have me fill out a questionnaire to pass along to their art department. These artists haven’t read the books. I’m not even sure they’re horror fans at all, and considering that I try to make my suggestions for the cover art as straight-forward and visual as possible. I offer colors I think would work well, describe some central images from the book, attach some “mood”…

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  1. m0uthskateer says:

    This is a great piece. Nothing seals the deal better than sweet cover art that is also relevant to the book, and this cover is superb.


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