Zakk reviews “Proseuche” & “The Martuk Series” by Jonathan Winn

“Simple reviews from a simple reader…” 


Zakk reviews:

“Proseuche” (Martuk… the Holy book 2, 249 pages)
“The Wounded King” (Martuk Series book 1, 66 pages)
“The Elder” (Martuk Series book 2, 53 pages) 
& “Red and Gold” (Martuk Series book 3, 56 pages), all by Jonathan Winn.

Overall Scores: 
Proseuche 4.5/5
The Wounded King 5/5
The Elder 5/5
Red and Gold 5/5

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

“Proseuche” continues the memoir of Martuk, an immortal with an at-times uncontrollable darkness inside of him, as recited in modern day Paris to Lucia, a Sister of the Church with whom Martuk is infatuated. From his travels avoiding Roman persecution to the death and “rebirth” of Christ (not the Jesus story that you are used to), and beyond. All manner of dark souls and demons weave through this dark chapter of Martuk’s life, culminating in his second, powerful encounter with the Christ.

While “The Matuk Series” of novellas tells the tale of an order of Priests attempting to eliminate the bloodline of the King and usher forth a powerful darkness. They are set in the same universe as, but take place before (I believe) the birth of Martuk. It’s a continuing tale with each chapter told for the perspective of a different character. 

“I had ripped out the tongue of that arrogant Roman fool, that soldier. Had ripped out his tongue before reaching deep to pluck out the beautiful blue eyeballs. And finally I had forced him to stand and, with the push of my foot, had released him to his petty Roman gods, watching him tumble down the hill, desperate, bleeding, blind and mute.
No, he wouldn’t tell anyone he had seen me today”


While not a difficult read Proseuche is definitely a challenging read, and I enjoyed it immensely. From the gorgeous prologue through the stunning end of this chapter in Martuk’s life. It is written in a fluid poetic prose, not simplified, having faith that you the reader will be able to keep up. And while I’m looking forward to catching up with the first installment of “The Holy” and the upcoming volume, it’s “The Martuk Series” of novellas that really captivated me. The prose isn’t quite as dense, while just as beautiful, with an amplified sense of brutality and pain, there’s dark stuff here kids, all the way around. And I am on pins and needles for the next entry in “The Martuk Series”, “The Tall Priest”. 

(Mild Spoilers)
The baby sacrifice floored me, the boy coated in gold, the elder talking so nonchalantly about the two boy statues next to his bed, every exchange between Martuk & Lucia…. 

Not only will this push the envelope, it will guild that envelope in gold, hone it to a razors edge and use it in a beautiful & brutal ceremony. It so fucking heavy and beautiful and I loved every moment of it, Martuk is going to strike nerves.


I’d highly recommended this to readers with strong stomachs, comfortable in their sense of faith, and the ability to work through strong metaphor. Check it out. It will make you bookshelf a little more classy.

“A silent Priest approached as the elegant arm stretched again, a metal cup accepted, the bejeweled rim tilted under the baby’s head as the last of the liquid wandered down the sweet face to drip, drip, drip.”

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