Mr. Rolfe Brings The Boom

     I am not a book reviewer. Well, yeah, I do review books but I am not an analytical, critiquing, dissecting book snob. (although I do ache for a tweed jacket with leather elbows to wear while I read by firelight in my study with the biggest brandy glass ever). So I stand by my original phrase. I am not a book reviewer, I am a horror fan and book lover, always have been. From my first horror read, Stephen King’s “The Dark Half” purchased for me by my beautiful grandmother at the ripe age of thirteen. That has been my stance since joining up with the fine gentlemen involved with “The Mouths of Madness Podcastshow”. I read what I like and I like what I read, the only difference being that now I whip up a review for what I read. Simple reviews from a simple reader.

     I am your target audience, a reader that doesn’t need to be won over, just a reader that wants to be entertained. Thrill me.

     The day Rocky asked me if I was interested in writing book reviews for TMOM was a good day. I don’t have many friends that read so a conversation about a book I was enjoying ended quickly with a “I wonder if they’ll make that into a movie.” And I really had no idea that two short years later I’d be conversating with authors, publishers and media reps. Receiving advanced copies of books, I feel like a celebrity, without being a douche.

     I get to chat with rad creatives every day, and sometimes it’s tough not going all horror uber-fan on them, you know? I don’t want to school-girl gush over their work, clutching their book to my chest all anime eyed, not to their face anyway. I want to look cool.

     Glenn Rolfe is one of those writers who’s work I gush over. I’ll never tell him that directly. I’ll keep a stoic, nonchalant, no-big-deal look on my face while I secretly froth at the mouth for his next release. I met Glenn online after a Facebook release event. He wasn’t able to attend so fellow awesome writer Todd Keisling was handling a give-away for Glenn’s first, and at the time, only book, “The Haunted Halls”, collecting the six part, no longer available, serial. I had seen the fantastic serial covers and was eagerly looking forward to reading this. All I had to do to win was answer a trivia question from Todd, that question, “What’s my favorite Poison song?”. This was followed by a blech face/ vomity emoticon, which I took as being a gag or trick question.


     Keep in mind that all the while this Facebook event was going on, I was at the local second-hand store with my wife. My connection was lagged and spotty and everywhere I looked there was something weird, distracting or gross. A dirty kid pushing a plastic horse in a stroller, grapefruit flavored bath salts, a crusty copy of “50 Shades of Gray”, a Steve Niles graphic novel that was gone when I went back for it… fuck.


     So the question comes up, and I think it’s a joke. Because, you know, it’s Poison. And my favorite poison song is Alice Cooper’s “Poison”. Of course, that becomes my answer and I decide to post the video in the comments. Being in the thrift store vortex of nearly dead zone connection it takes me five minutes to get the link and post it. The winners had already been pulled, congrats to you fine folks. I post anyway because I’m a good sport, and my answer is awesome.

     A few hours later, while making drinks (mojitos) for the night’s booze and binge tv watching with the wife, I get a direct message notification from Facebook. It’s from Glenn. He loved my trivia question answer, and he wanted to gift me a digital copy of “The Haunted Halls”. We chat for a minute and the rest, as they say, is history. That was only eight months ago.

     While a relative newcomer to the scene, Glenn is quickly making waves. “Boom Town” marks his fourth release, and his second for Samhain Horror, a press that consistently puts out a plethora great reads. His work is a constant reminder of why I am a fan of horror, a fan of reading, and why I never want to become an analytical, critiquing, dissecting book snob. I have quickly become a fan of his writing, anticipating anything and everything that he has coming down the pipeline. Check him out, I think that you’ll also become a fan.

     I am not a book reviewer, I am a genre fan that gets opportunities to read books before you do. I think that’s pretty awesome.

     And now a word from Glenn Rolfe, a look behind the inspiration for “Boom Town”. Join him for the ride.


“Delivering Papers with Art and George”


Back in 2002, I moved to Riverside, California with my girlfriend. Her dad had a paper route that he did for some extra spending money and gave it to us so we’d have something to get us started. My girlfriend went out the first couple of nights with him. She came back in the morning and told me I should check out the radio show he made her listen to. She said I’d love it. That show was Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. And she was right!


I was always buying alien books out of the bargain section at our Barnes and Noble back home in Maine. I’d always been fascinated with alien movies (scary and otherwise). I never thought to listen to the radio for anything other than tunes. I loved (and still do love) Art’s voice. He’like this grandfather of strange and bizarre tales. He’s a believer, but you could tell when he thought a caller or guest was feeding him a pile of shit. When they got an “Ah ha…” from him, you knew they were suspect. 


It wasn’t aliens seven nights a week, but it was always something interesting and weird. One of my favorite nights was Friday. They have open lines, and that’s really where you get a great mix of fools and people with some really hair-raising experiences to share. 


I remember when we came back home to Maine, I got another paper route. I listened to the show EVERY night. By this time, George Noory had taken over for Art. George is every bit the host that Art was. Another phenomenal voice. Another believer.  I can recall one show where George had a guest speaking about EVP (electronic voice phenomenon). They were playing these recordings with voices saying things in the background through TV static or radio frequencies. The things were spooky as hell and gave me serious goose bumps as I ran around in the dark tossing papers. The movie White Noise with Michael Keaton is a great example of EVP.    


I still listen to the show when I can, and I’ve been a Coast to Coast Insider Subscriber from time to time. I even added a character at the end of my new novella, Boom Townwhich has a Coast to Coast-type college radio show.  The program is a great place for a Horror or Science Fiction writer looking for some new ideas (they covered the story my Boom Town novella is based upon–the mysterious underground “booms” in Clintonville, WI). 


You should definitely find the show and give it a listen if you like that sort of thing, and of course, you should pick up a copy of Boom Town. Let me know what you think!





Boom Town

File Size: 722 KB

Print Length: 81 pages

Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (April 7, 2015)


Terror from below!


In the summer of 1979, Eckert, Wisconsin, was the sight of the most unique UFO encounter in history. A young couple observed a saucer-like aircraft hovering over Hollers Hill. A blue beam blasted down from the center of the craft into the hill and caused the ground to rumble for miles.


Now, thirty years later, Eckert is experiencing nightly rumbles that stir up wild rumors and garner outside attention. The earthly tremors are being blamed on everything from earthquakes to underground earth dwellers. Two pre-teens discover a pipe out behind Packard’s Flea Market uprooted by the “booms” and come into contact with the powerful ooze bubbling from within. What begins as curiosity will end in an afternoon of unbridled terror for the entire town.


“…Stephen King-lite. (Boom Town) is quick, punchy and goes places you may not see coming before the final page is swiped or turned.” – Horror After Dark


“Boom Town is quick and entertaining read that harkens back to the 1980’s brand of small town (or intimate invasion) alien pieces. Like a readers digest version of Late Night Horror Television presentations (every region had one, for me it was “Fright Night Theatre”) of “Invaders From Mars”, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, “Night of the Creeps” or “Xtro” – Zachary, Mouths of Madness Podcast


Rolfe weaves a wonderful tale of big, bad things happening to a small, good town. A sure winner! – Hunter Shea, author of Island of the Forbidden and The Montauk Monster





Samhain Horror

Barnes and Noble


Glenn Rolfe, Bio

Glenn Rolfe is an author, singer, songwriter and all around fun loving guy from the haunted woods of New England. He has studied Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, and continues his education in the world of horror by devouring the novels of Stephen King and Richard Laymon. He and his wife, Meghan, have three children, Ruby, Ramona, and Axl. He is grateful to be loved despite his weirdness.

He is the author the ghost/mystery/thriller novella, ABRAM’S BRIDGE (Samhain Publishing, Jan. 2015) and his latest novella, a Horror/Sci-Fi mash-up, BOOM TOWN (Samhain Publishing). A full-length novel, BLOOD AND RAIN, will come out this Fall from Samhain Publishing and THINGS WE FEAR, a novella, is set to publish from Samhain in 2016.

His debut novel, THE HAUNTED HALLS (James Ward Kirk Publishing, 2014), is available now, as well as his short story collection, SLUSH (Alien Agenda Publishing, 2014).

Look for his punk rock band, The Never Nudes, on Amazon and Facebook.

Check out his website:


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