Why Not Pigs?

Today ushers in a new era for Ragnarok Publications as the first title in their recently acquired Angelic Knight Press makes it’s release. Ragnarok is known for top quality dark fantasy, speculative fiction, and urban fantasy. AKP will be become Ragnarok’s supernatural horror imprint, and the first release in this blessed union is “Tuskers” by Duncan McGeary, the first volume in his “Wild Pig Apocalypse trilogy”. Early word on this piece has been quite positive, and while I have not yet had the opportunity to read, “Tuskers” is sitting pretty on my Kindle and high on my must-read list. I’m hoping for Orwell’s “Animal Farm” meets Barker’s “Pig Blood Blues.”

Here is a word from Mr. McGeary concerning the wild pig apocalypse.



The Apocalypse is Coming.

We all know it.  One way or another, we’re all doomed.

Instead of waving a sign saying, “The End is Nigh!” I wrote a book about it.  In my case, it’s a wild pig apocalypse.  A Hamageddon, if you will.  A Porkalpse.  The Pignarok.

Hey, super-intelligent pigs on the rampage is as believable as any other world ending catastrophe.  More than most such scenarios I’d like to think.  After all, if we keep pushing Nature into a corner, eventually Nature is going to fight back.  We might very well be forcing an Evolution in animal behavior that will come back and bite us…and tear into us…and consume us.

Why not pigs?  They’re smart.  They’re adaptable.  Best of all, they’re omnivores.  We’d fit right onto their menu.

And we treat pigs abominably.  Don’t read up on Factory Farms if you want to keep enjoying your bacon.  In fact, writing this book didn’t turn me into a vegetarian — but only because I like so few veggies I’d starve to death.  But the research has sent me to buying ‘Free Range’ meat from now on.

I call my mutant pigs Tuskers, and they’re smarter, faster, and meaner than us.  And they’re pissed.  As the tagline to my book says, “The Pigs Are Not All Right!”

I live in central Oregon, and the conflict between wildlife and expanding subdivisions is constant.  But some animals have adapted well, thriving even — deer, coyote, raccoons, and….pigs.

The idea for Tuskers came to me because of a friend who moved down to Southern Arizona. He was posting complaints everyday about how the javelinas were destroying his garden, disrupting his patio, chasing his dog.  It got to be kind of funny, and I suddenly had an image of him standing like Conan over a pile of dead pigs, swinging a baseball bat while a red-eyed, bloody tusked monster of a killer porcine leaps for his throat.

The more I looked into it, the more I realized my imaginary story was based on some real possibilities.  The wild pig population is exploding in the United States (as well as the rest of the world).  What’s more, is that some of these hybrid pigs are bigger and meaner than their ancestors. 

So if the End comes…when the End comes…why not pigs?

It’s only what we deserve.”

Sounds pretty rad, so if you have a moment check out “Tuskers” at Amazon. And stay tuned, the moment I read “Tuskers” I’ll update with my review from “The Mouths Of Madness Podcast”.

Synopsis of TUSKERS:

Barry had created a little piece of paradise in his southern Arizona backyard—until the javelinas came.
His battle to rid his property of the wild pigs soon escalated into war. Too late, he realized these weren’t ordinary animals. They were something new, something meaner and smarter. These pigs weren’t just at war with him; they were at war with the human race.
And the humans were losing.
Author image 3
Author bio:
Duncan McGeary has owned Pegasus Books in downtown Bend, Oregon for the last 30 years.  He met his wife, Linda, in a local writer’s group, and they’ve been side-by-side writers ever since.  He’s the author of several fantasies, Star Axe, Snowcastles, and Icetowers, published by Tower Books, as well as two historical horror novels, Led to the Slaughter: The Donner Party Werewolves and The Dead Spend No Gold: Bigfoot and the California Gold Rush, as well as the Vampire Evolution Trilogy: Death of an Immortal; Rule of Vampire; and Blood of Gold, all published by Books of the Dead Press.

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