Nightmares for Christmas.

Christmas is a mere six days away, you say? I know this as much as I know that I really should get started shopping. I really meant to do this a bit earlier in the season, but last second shopping is as much of a tradition as Black Friday shopping (The after Thanksgiving one not the bullshit Spring one) and day after Christmas returns. But if you have readers of dark fiction in your family and some gifts yet to pick up, and I guess at this point, access to an Amazon Prime membership, please allow me to make a few suggestions. Or are you gifting a Kindle or Kindle friendly device, how about pre-loading said device with some great reads. Giving these gifts will either make you the coolest gift giver in the family or it will provide confirmation that you are one to be kept tabs on. Either way, win. Click on the covers to link through.

  • “Heroin in the Magic Now” by Terry M. West. Because what says Christmas cheer better than junkies and creature orgies?


  • “Prisoner 489” by Joe R. Lansdale. A great spooky tale from a living legend.


  • “Pretty Little Dead Girls” by Mercedes M. Yardley. A gorgeous novel of murder and whimsy.


  • “Saving Granny from the Devil” by Todd Keisling. A heart wrenching Ugly Little Thing.


  • “Soundtrack to the End of the World” by Anthony Rapino. Full disclosure, I haven’t read this yet but it is on my list. Other Rapino titles are pretty great.


  • “Dirtbags” by Eryk Pruitt. Showcasing the potential goodness in everyone, I mean, a character study in humanity.


  • The Haunted Halls” by Glenn Rolfe. May make you forget about that “Other” haunted hotel novel.


  • “Jigsaw Man” by Gord Rollo. High on my to-read list, this novel is labeled the most violent horror novel from a talented writer.


  • “The Wicked” by James Newman. An awesome book with a stunning cover!


  • “Martuk… The Holy: Proseuche” by Jonathan Winn. Gorgeous prose and a haunting story. *Note: This is book 2 in a series.


  • “Puzzleman” by Christopher Alan Broadstone. A lengthy work of cerebral horror.


  • “The Mind is a Razorblade” by Max Booth III. Ugh, spiders.


  • “Holes for Faces” by Ramsey Campbell. The Most recent collection of shorts from a Grand Master.


  • “All or Nothing” by Stuart Keane. The first novel from a vicious writer new to the scene.


  • “Island of the Forbidden” by Hunter Shea. *Pre-order. Dark and eerie, this is my current read.


  • “Reinheit” by Thomas S. Flowers. Because Nazis.


  • “Afterlife With Archie: Escape From Riverdale” for the comic fan, the best comic of the year.


  • “Crystal Lake Memories” A beautiful 300+ page coffee table book featuring the complete history of Friday The 13th. Revised and expanded to 1200+ pages for the digital release including an interview with Kane Hodder, who refused to be interviewed for the initial release.


Be a hero this Christmas with any of these awesome book gifts.

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  1. Fantastic list!! Recognize a few names 😉. Some others I will need to add to mine kindle!

    Liked by 1 person

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