One Dose Will Change Your Life

We all have one. That one thing. Sometimes you have multiple things, perhaps it’s just one thing that happens to change daily, weekly, monthly etc. The one thing that turns you on, changes your outlook on the day ahead, puts a little swagger into your walk. Perks you up when you have a fat, greasy case of the ho-hums. This is my one thing for today, for a lot of days, really. This thing is “MK Ultra”, a short film from Andrew Hooper, filmmaker and co-host of “The Mouths Of Madness Podcast”.

What do I love about this film? Besides it’s dark-as-fuck tone, stunning visuals and fantastic soundtrack. I love this film because I can’t trust it. I hear the music, when I walk into work, when I’m cruising around town, when I’m not watching “MK Ultra” I hear the music. It’s forever etched into my subconscious, a part of the soundtrack to my life. I know the director, this seemingly gentileman doesn’t strike me as a man that has something this haunting inside of him. I wonder if something/ someone else was in control at the time of conception. I know the patient, I work with him daily. He is always all-smiles, but every time I see him I have to do a double take, the double take that says “Hey, that sure does look like that guy. But it can’t be that guy because…” This film goes against what I believe to be true, yet here it is. Existing. Like something you’d stumble across on a discarded cassette tape. A found secret. A horrible confession. This is today’s thing.

The runtime is less than three minutes, so push play and enjoy the madness with me.

<p><a href=”″>MK-ULTRA</a&gt; from <a href=””>Andrew Hooper</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

*P.S. This was conceived and entered into the “ABC’s of Death 2” 26th director competition. It did not win, I don’t think it even placed in the semi finals. Someone fucked up, reel bad.


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